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What I like the most:

The opportunity to help a great group of guys (and gals).
The opportunity to express what I think. It forces me to take it from thoughts to writing.
Having fun along the way.
Reminding us all that wealth is more than money. There are other things in life far more valuable than money.
Getting to know hundreds of you guys over the past 13 years.

What I like the least:

Having to self-censor (often) when I know a related and important matter will be taken as politics and not for what it is and end up being a distraction to the main point. I try to write it anyway. I truly think both parties suck. I'm registered as an independent, so I am an equal opportunity abuser of those who wield power. But in the end, government decisions affect your wealth. They should be discussed by adults.

The occasional, but still rare pilot who calls and is short or abusive to any of our staff who are trying to help. I add them to the two strike list. Everyone can have one bad day. Two is a trend. After strike two, they are refunded and barred from membership in the future, unless they convince me of an amazing reason and life transformation. You have a no fly list for the person in the seat next to you. I do too. 🙂

The limited fund selection, the sometimes silly restrictions in the plans, and the arbitrary way the custodians circumvent their own rules. This whole thing should be about the pilots in the plan. Typically, it is about the custodian and fund companies and their profits.

What is happening with the government control and destruction of the worldwide economy that makes investing less about earnings and more about speculation. It will not end well.


All told, not a bad trade!

I like my tribe here.