Bull Bear Oscillator Chart Link

If you would like to watch the underlying moving averages that form the Bull Bear Oscillator between issues of the newsletter, here is a live link to StockCharts.com. Please remember to keep track of the holding periods in your 401k account. It is easy to forget there are some restrictions on movement.

Click Here → Bull Bear Oscillator LinkBull Bear

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Some guidelines for
understanding what you see...

  • The market index used is the S&P 500 Index
  • GREEN LINE: 50 day simple moving average
  • RED LINE: 200 day simple moving average
  • The oscillator is positive when the GREEN LINE is above the RED LINE


This is the Big Picture of Market Trend. It tends to work very well over longer time periods. When the oscillator is positive (green above red), the portfolio system invests fully. When the oscillator is negative (red above green), the system moves into defensive mode, moving the portfolio into the money market and or bond funds.