The Airline Advisor Newsletters

September 2021

This month’s models are now available.  Pay us $10,000 in bitcoin or we’ll delete all your files No, we wouldn’t dream of doing that. But there are lots of people who would. One of them is Maksim Yakubets, the 34-year-old Russian national at the top of the criminal syndicate known as – and we couldn’t

August 2021

This month's models have been posted. There are CHANGES in ALL the models (highlighted in yellow). “Attention, shoppers! The store is NOT closing in 15 minutes!” It is 1982. The Home Shopping Club – later Home Shopping Network – pops up on cable TV across the U.S. A shudder runs down the spines of America’s

July 2021

This month's models have been posted. The rest of the newsletter will be posted by middle of the month. There are CHANGES in ALL THE MODELS (highlighted in yellow). Breaking up big tech Hard to believe, but it’s been almost 40 years since a major antitrust action succeeded in U.S. courts. American Telephone & Telegraph

June 2021

This month's models have been posted. There are CHANGES in ALL of the models (highlighted in yellow). Plug and play: The rise of electric vehicles We’ve wanted to do this one for a long time – about a year. Where did that year go? What could possibly have been so important that talking about cool

May 2021

This month's models have been posted. Don’t bet against the house You’ve heard it a thousand times: “Buy real estate. They’re not making it anymore.” And it is good advice even if it’s as hackneyed as that other line you’re likely to hear in the same exchange: “Location, location, location!” But what kind of real

April 2021

There were CHANGES in all the models (highlighted in yellow). The remainder of the newsletter will be published by middle of the month. The maximum hype about minimum wage There’s a debate raging about the minimum wage. And, more often than not, it’s an internal debate people are having inside their own brains. On the

March 2021

Threat of inflation, or inflated threat? The federal government spent $4.8 trillion in 2019. That’s $150,880 per second, but it gets worse. In the plague year of 2020, it spent $6.8 trillion, which comes to … oh, who cares? It’s a lot and it’s bound to be even higher this year, especially with at least

February 2021

Investing well by investing good Over the past two or three years, many investors have focused more on companies’ performance in terms of a new set of standards, those of the Environmental, Social and Governance movement. ESG might sound like something that appeals strictly to yoga instructors and vegan coffeehouse staff, but that is an

January 2021

This month's models have been posted. Are you stimulated? You shouldn’t be. The package that Congress passed on December 21, 2020 – seems like only 50 years ago – is not technically a stimulus bill. It is an appropriations omnibus to fund the government for the coming year and, tucked between allocating money for public

December 2020

This month's models are posted. Personnel is policy It can be presumed at this point that on January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be in office. Elections, no matter how well-executed and no matter how flawed, come to a conclusion at some point. The winner gets to pick the people who will execute the agenda.